About Courses

The hands-on/live presentation courses are taking place during 2 to 5 June 2022. The courses are twofold: Facial Aesthetic Surgery Courses and Advance Aesthetic Dentistry and Oral Plastic Surgery Courses. All courses are highly practical and hands-on oriented (accompanied by lectures, technique-explanation and live surgeries). Four courses conducted on  human cadaver heads and six practical courses are conducted using animal cadaver models. Only a limited number of 15 – 20 delegates will participate in each hands-on course. There is no limitation on live presentations.


we have considered seperate courses for periodontists and dentists attending this event. They won’t be allowed to participate in facial courses

Some speech panels

Adjunct Cosmetic Procedures
Reconstructive Surgery
Lifting Procedures
Adjunct Cosmetic Procedures
Orthognathic Surgery
Hoe DO I DO? Discuss with Masters About Your Innovative Techniques

Some training courses

Preservation Rhinoplasty
Face & Neck Lift
Forehead and Brow Lift
Filler & Botox
Oral Plastic Surgery:Improving Health and Esthetics around Teeth
Oral Plastic Surgery:Improving Health and Esthetics around Implants