Course Location


Rahmi M. Koç Academy of Interventional Medicine, Education, and Simulation

Encompassing 5 floors and 6,500 m2, RMK AIMES is equipped with outstanding infrastructure and technology to accommodate healthcare providers across the spectrum (physicians, surgeons, interventionists, nurses, students, researchers etc.) and improve healthcare through the use of simulation and advanced learning approaches. The state of the art facilities are suitable and flexible in terms of design to support a broad spectrum of healthcare educational activities.

RMK AIMES offers the healthcare professionals different simulation and advanced training modalities with quality and accreditation requirements, to provide the best level of healthcare and to ensure the highest level of patient safety with the main goal to be a reference training and education center in national and international level

It is located at the Koç University Medical Sciences Campus, in the European side of Istanbul.

Advanced Interventional and Surgical Training Center

Advanced Interventional and Surgical Training Center is a world class, one-of-a-kind facility. It contains 8 plus one master, totally nine stations and can be customized to meet clients’ needs. Each station is fully boomed with complete clinical grade anesthetic, operating and instrumentation capability for multiple specialties with its own independent video and audio system connection as well as simultaneous translation capability from/to any desired language.

The operation area allows the participants to enjoy a unique course with its ability to follow the master station from each station and also from the auditorium at the same floor.

With many possibilities, we offer you to benefit different areas: a specimen storage, a big cold room, an equipment storage, one specimen preparation room and sterilization room for cleaning the equipments after the events.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Rooms

First floor has different training rooms for simulation-based learning (SBL): twelve Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) rooms and one multifunctional simulation room. The control room, a Waiting room (Pre-brief area), two different sized debriefing rooms and a storage area are also located at this floor.

Multipurpose Simulation Room

Fully equipped with replica of the following rooms, allowing for the full range of clinical scenarios: emergency room, operating room, ICU based simulation suite, obstetric room and ward patient unit. It features video-recording with monitor for real-time feedback and discussion and post-scenario debriefing.

Skill Laboratories

In the skill training facilities, the students can work on specific skills on partial task trainers and/or low fidelity mannequins including both invasive and non-invasive clinical procedures e.g. oscultating heart and lung sounds, cannula or tube insertion, suturing and skin ligation, advancing a catheter into the urinary bladder, performing a lumbar puncture, performing basic CPR skills. It helps the students to improve their technical skills or specialists to reach mastery level before practicing on patients with the advantage of decreasing harming incidences on the real patients.


The fourth floor of the center which has two classrooms with a capacity of 25 and 45 participants and two auditoriums with a capacity of 40 and 45 participants has the capability of hosting a variety of scientific events from diverse conferences and meetings to broadcasting live surgery from operating room and/or procedural interventions from the interventional laboratories.

There is a big conference hall which has a separable wall in the middle, with its own audio and video system in a large and spacious structure with a maximum capacity of 230 people at the same floor.

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