Sponsorship terms

Thank you for attending the i-Face Congress. you can get acquainted with the laws and how to attend the Congress as a sponsor by reading this form. To sign a sponsorship deal and attend Congress, the rules are thoroughly studied and made. This congress will be held in two parts of face and dental with the presence of the target groups of maxillofacial surgeons, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists, students, residents and all people related to the subject of the congress.

You can be one of the sponsors of this congress according to the theme of the congress and the presence of the above-mentioned audience. All companies present at the iFace Congress must register all the people present at the booth and receive a special card with their name and photo.

All those present at the exhibition must bring their special cards with them throughout the congress and attach them to their chests.

All companies must provide the information of the people present in the booth and special guests of the sponsoring companies such as name, surname, passport number, nationality, email, mobile number, address and photo of the person 30 days before the congress in the form of announcement to the sales and marketing unit.

All companies will carefully complete the information form for attending the exhibition and all the information entered in the special cards, the congress book and the site will be placed according to the same information.

The executive team of Congress undertakes not to share the personal information of individuals associated with sponsoring companies with any other group without permission, court order, government or security orders.

All persons present in the booth, including exhibitors and special guests of the sponsors, must bring a 19-negative Covid PCR test and an approved laboratory sheet no later than 72 hours before entering the hotel.

By the way, only the documents of the laboratories approved by the airlines are approved by the Congress.

Due to the special conditions of Covid 19 disease worldwide, exhibitors and their guests must receive the approved Covid 19 vaccine and have the necessary documents with them.

All services provided to sponsors based on the contract and defined sponsorship packages will be announced in the table and if the sponsoring company needs more or less in each department, they must report their needs to the congressional marketing and sales team no later than 30 days before the congress.

The exhibition will be reopened 30 minutes before the start of the congress for the presence of booth officials, and the companies themselves will be responsible for their absence.

The exhibition will be closed for a maximum of 30 minutes after the end of the last lecture panel each day. After signing the contract, companies have a maximum of 24 hours to terminate their contract if they do not wish. After signing the contract, companies have a maximum of 24 hours to terminate their contract if they do not wish.

All the obligations of the executive team towards the sponsoring companies include the items listed in the sponsorship table and the executive team will not have any responsibility for other issues.

All present companies must submit certified documents for their products, such as US and European standards, to the Congressional Marketing and Sales Unit one month prior to attendance.

The executor of the congress has the right to decide on the presence or absence of each company before the contract is signed or in case of violation of the contract and the rules of the exhibition and the congress at the time of the contract.

All companies must be among the top and most reputable brands in the world and the Middle East and have at least one sales agent or agent in the Middle East.

If you receive the information of the participants while attending the booth, you can only use that information in the cases approved by the participant, otherwise, the executive team of Congress will have no responsibility for this.

In case of cancellation of the congress and its side exhibition, with the exception of force majeure conditions, the full amount paid by the sponsor will be refunded by the executive team.

In the event that the IFC Congress is postponed for any reason other than force majeure and the sponsoring company is reluctant to participate on the new announcement date, The full amount of the conference fee will be refunded to the sponsoring company.

If the cancellation or postponement of the Congress is due to force majeure and coercion, Congress executives will have no obligation to reimburse funds paid by sponsoring companies; The executive of the congress is also obliged to inform the sponsoring companies about the new date of the congress as soon as possible.

The presenter of the Congress will not be liable for any damages resulting from the cancellation or change of the time of the Congress.

The cost of booth construction, visa, accommodation of the manpower of the sponsoring companies and all the items that are not mentioned in the sponsorship table and contract are the responsibility of the sponsoring company and the executor will not be responsible for them.

The distribution of any promotional materials in and around the venues of the Congress is prohibited, except for the items listed in the sponsorship table and in the contract between the sponsoring company and the host of the Congress.

If photography, filming and the like are required to protect the privacy of the participants, the sponsoring company must obtain the necessary permits from the executive group one week before the congress.

All companies must submit their booth map to the Congressional Marketing and Sales Unit for review and approval no later than 30 days prior to the congress. Laws and timing related to the construction of self-made booths in Congress will subsequently be announced to sponsoring companies.

The exhibition hall will be provided to the exhibition management one day before the opening;Dear participants are obliged to make the necessary preparations to equip the booth in advance so that in the short distance available, it is possible to properly prepare the booth.

Exhibitors have until 9 pm before the opening to put all their equipment in the booth so that they do not need to take any action until the opening.

Participants are not allowed to hand over their booth to others or partner with other booths.

In the event of any loss of life or property resulting from the practical demonstration of the products, machinery and equipment of the sponsoring companies, the committed participants will be obliged and guarantor of compensation based on the expert opinion of official experts and relevant officials of the exhibition.

Participants are not allowed to close their booths, halls or showcases during official visiting hours.

The use of open sources of heat and ignition inside the booths is prohibited.

Participants are not allowed to leave or vacate their booth until the last minute of the exhibition on the last day.

After the end of the exhibition and obtaining the settlement form from the organizers, the participants are obliged to empty the booth and destroy it up to 24 hours after the end of the exhibition.

All equipment, goods and accessories that have been used to decorate the booths must be taken out of the booths, the booth and the hall must be handed over to the exhibition management in the same way as before.